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This services objective will be to prove that consistent profit is obtainable in the modern horse racing markets. The service will focus primarily on favorites/front of the market horses. This is for several reasons. Firstly, while many services see it as a positive to give 'big priced winners', the truth is, the respective strike-rates of said services will always be relative to the average price they tip. The problem with big prices is firstly, as soon as they get attention from the market the price crumbles, making it hard to get on at the price recommended, secondly, if you do get on (or even try to get on) you will be seen as a 'price scalper', hence far more likely to be restricted and/or banned by that bookmaker before sufficient profit is obtained.

My objective is to provide something I don't believe is currently offered to a high enough standard, in a word, consistency. A high strike rate coupled with good overall ROI.

Proofed to RacingProofing since September 2016.

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Service started September 2016
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