Cavalli Racing Platinum

Cavalli Racing provides high quality investments (bets) based upon a comprehensive database and generated via unique Algorithms via data mining of previous events and knowledge of form book. Cavalli Racing currently have 3 levels of Membership:

Platinum which is specific horses based upon price data to ensure fewer bets but optimal ROI (these are the ones we back ourselves). Plus we also advise lowest price to take.
Gold Which is all the daily bets/investments to allow members to do as they wish more bets/higher ROI more work/more exposure.
Silver Which is Outsiders greater than 16/1 (which is a very successful membership given the cost)

Members receive the daily investments (bets) either the night before the race (to able you to get the best odds possible in the Early Prices) or before 10am on the day of the race. The information is transmitted via Email and/or WhatsApp.

We also provide support for our members, via emails or Newsletters to advise on certain topics e.g. bookmaker account management, this is to assist in maintaining accounts from being restricted.

Proofed to RacingProofing since June 2019.

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Membership Fee

Monthly £ 69
Quarterly £178
Yearly £684

Monthly £ 49
Quarterly £98
Yearly £304

Monthly £ 19
Quarterly £48
Yearly £154

Service started March 2019
Status Open
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