DD Syndicate

Betfair have closed all Broker account access to customers based in the UK so we are no longer able to get our bets on without being subject to their astronomical premium charge. This has rendered our highly lucrative lower strike rate bets uneconomical for us to bet directly.

The DD Syndicate focuses on horse racing win bets capitalising on horses that are over-layed at the bottom of the market, where layer’s compete to take on unfancied horses. All bets will be at double digit odds and placed at Betfair SP. This approach has averaged around 800 points profit per year at an ROI in the region of 20%

This is a truly limited opportunity with just 10 places available in our Double Digit Syndicate.

Please see our website for further details on how the syndicate operates

Proofed to RacingProofing since August 2017.

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Profit share, see website for details
Service started August 2017
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