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Epic Horse Racing Tipster service focuses on UK horse racing, uses win only singles. Most of the bets are on horses with higher odds, rather than favourites, and although this strategy wins less frequently (actually no long losing runs check spreadsheet of results), the wins more than cover losses and result in long-term profits. I have been in the gambling business for more than 20 years and genuinely make a living as a professional punter right now. I donít follow any specific betting systems, a system is really important though, the markets are so sophisticated now that simply following a system will end in a big loss for you, years in this business has taken my own knowledge as well as my access to sources to a level that has elevated my results past what only studying the form canít achieve.

Proofed to RacingProofing since April 2017.

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Monthly - £36.99
Quarterly - £89.97 (20% off)
Yearly - £275.88 (40% off)
Service started April 2017
Status Open
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