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Laurence has been a full-time professional punter for the last seven years and he formed Equine Investments in 2003. As you would expect, Laurence weighs up all the key factors effecting the outcome of a race prior to selecting his bets but he feels his edge derives from an unparalleled expertise in manipulating draw and pace bias ratings, going & track suitability along with hours of past video analysis and most importantly, uncovering betting opportunities where pricing errors have made the bookie's vulnerable to one of his trademark smart, selective wagers. He says: "The only way to win in the long term is if you can consistently bet horses at greater odds than their 'true' chances of winning." Bets are sent via email and free text messages, there is a morning message at 10:20am and usually an update in the afternoon, (time advised in first message) on busy days there can be further updates.

Proofed to since April 2007.

For a full independent review of the Equine Investments Tipster Service visit the Secret Betting Club.

Membership Fee Membership currently full.
Service started 2003
Status Active but closed to new members
Results Spreadsheet of results not available to download as per request from Equine Investments

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