Frankel Investments

This is a high-volume racing advice service offering value tips to those who want to take their betting seriously and make a long-term profit.
We've made our living at betting for many years and we know how important it is to find value.
We use a number of different means to ascertain value in the markets and then pass the tips on to members for a monthly fee.
The tips are sent in real-time via the telegram app.
The high volume of bets ensures variance is kept to a minimum and you do not have to stake much to quickly make substantial profits.
All bets are advised to Bet365 prices to keep it simple.

Proofed to RacingProofing since January 2021.

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Membership Fee
£30 a month
£50 for 2 months
£60 for 3 months
Service started November 2020
Status Open
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