Past The Post Racing

At Past The Post Racing we firmly believe quality over quantity is the real answer to betting success.

We are confident we can improve our members’ long-term profits, giving them an edge over those greedy bookmakers. What we aim to do is help punters make a steady profit and keep ahead of the Bookies.

We also like to give them a decent strike rate as we see no fun in losing. Unlike other tipsters our losing streaks are usually no more than five but these losses will be smaller bets.

We aim to help our clients ‘Beat The Bookies’ which only 1% of punters do.

We will give out an average of 5-10 bets per week. We are professional in our approach, and we only back horses when we think we can win. Don’t worry if we do not have a bet for a few days, as betting for the sake of it can be very dangerous.

Racing is a game of DISCIPLINE, and if people treat it like a business, then they will profit. Once signed up to our service, members can choose to receive the bets via email or our SMS service. We also offer a free trial as seen on our website

Proofed to RacingProofing since October 2017.

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1 month -- £30
3 months -- £75
6 months -- £140

Service started November 2015
Status Open
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