System Analyst

Sysanalsyst is a high volume horse racing service utilizing a computer model to identify value on each day’s cards. The service is split into three, one providing “5 Star” bets, deemed to be those holding the largest value margin; another producing Category 4 bets which adds into the mix some of Allan’s opinion, and a third issuing Category 3 bets, each of which are perceived by the model to hold a little less value than the 5* selections.

The 5* bets are issued via one message at 10.00 each morning, and the bets from Categories 4 and 3 sent via multiple emails between 10.00 a.m. and the start of racing. Potential subscribers have the choice to join each strand of bets exclusively, or all three simultaneously, or a combination consisting of any of the two.

Proofing Racing Proofing since July 2014

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Membership Fee Price dependant on package and term required.
Service started January 2013
Status Active but closed to new members

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