The Bookie Basher Club

The Bookie Basher Club ( was born out of the frustrations of a successful professional gambler who, one-by-one, saw his betting accounts closed by most of the online bookies for having the audacity to win money from them!

'Basher' vowed to make the Bookies suffer for their greed by turning more losers into winners with a tipping service. It's just a less direct way of bagging the bookie's cash - i.e., let the subscribers do it for him and charge a sensible fee in return for a piece of the action!

The club offers a straight monthly membership for 75. No complicated offers, deals, discounts or introductory trial periods. Stand on the side-lines for as long as you like and monitor our results - then join when you are ready.

Just remember that 'Basher' is a professional and 'needs' to win to support his family, so no stupid speculative bets or chasing losses here.

Just follow the 'Do as I do' mentality and you will make money in the medium to long term - and that's what professional gambling is all about!

Proofed to RacingProofing since August 2016.

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Membership Fee

Monthly £75

Service started August 2016
Status Open
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